ABC News - 29 March 2017 - Amazonian tree frog

This Amazonian tree frog's poison has become part of the latest supercleanse trend

Terence McKenna talks about Gorman and Sapo (1991)

"Tree frog from peru...well this is all Peter Gormans field work..."

EPTV Paranormal Planet

"Fly fly little spirit, go see what you need to see..."

Voices from the Vine


April '18
Dreams, visions and diarrhea: What to expect if you take ayahuasca | CBC Radio


BBS Radio
Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


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Lorenzo' s Psychedelic Salon

06: Ayahuasca & Frog Medicine with Peter Gorman


Tangentially Speaking (May '18)


In a Perfect World (August '15)

Indigenous 'ordeal medicines' and the rise of shamanism in the West. by Rak Razam



Psychedelic Salon

Downloads and more infos about the Psychedelic Salon

Peter Gorman interviews Albert Hofmann

“I reported about this bicycle ride because I had the feeling that time would stand still. It was a very strange feeling that I had never had before, this change in the experience of time.”


Peter Gorman interviews Dennis McKenna
Part 1 & Part 2

“All experience is a drug experience. Whether it’s mediated by our own [endogenous] drugs, or whether it’s mediated by substances that we ingest that are found in plants, cognition, consciousness, the working of the brain, it’s all a chemically mediated process. Life itself is a drug experience.”


Peter Gorman interviews Oscar Janiger

“It’s just the same as we go back to Everest, you can fall of the fuckin’ mountain. That’s all there is to it. I’m not going to make any apologies for that. You’ve got to be prepared. You know that old adage that LSD favors the prepared mind.”


Peter Gorman interviews Allen Ginsberg, Ram Das, Laura Huxley


When Gorman asked for a story about Timothy Leary, Ginsberg tells of the time that Leary came to his New York apartment to meet Jack Kerouac and they took psilocybin together Next is a brief conversation that Peter has with Ram Das during which we learn some more of the background of the early days at Millbrook and the interesting series of events that led up to going there. The last segment is another Peter Gorman interview, this time with Laura Huxley in which she tells of some of her own experiences with LSD.