Sapo In My Soul: The Matsés Frog Medicine

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Sapo In My Soul is the story of the Western world’s discovery of the powerful Matsés frog medicine known as Sapo or Kambo.

Part memoir, adventure story, magical mystery tour, jungle jaunt and documentary, Sapo In My Soul is an essential guidebook to using the medicine traditionally.

With over two dozen photos as well as stories and information on sapo‘s sister medicine
nü-nüSapo In My Soul is a power-packed ride into uncharted terrain.

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Signed by Peter G.

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2 reviews for Sapo In My Soul: The Matsés Frog Medicine

  1. Wave Hog

    Gorman’s the guy who introduced sapo to the Western world!

    I just finished reading “Sapo in My Soul” on Kindle. Or maybe instead of saying I read the book, it would be more accurate to say the book read me! Once I began, I found I was being carried along on the raging jungle river of Peter’s words and experiences and it was much too late to back out and there was no way I could stop the momentum until I got barfed out of the boat wringing wet and still shaking at the very last page! What can I say? Thanks for the wild adventure of the mind; thanks for a great read, Peter!

  2. IGOR

    i finished ayahuasca in my blood and cant wait to start sapo in my soul!

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