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For Sapo/Kambo practitioners.
Each stick will serve a minimum of 12 people; many will serve 16-17. This is the best, hottest, freshest material from the Northwest Amazon, collected exclusively by indigenous Matses who depend on this medicine to keep them healthy and help with their hunting.
Buy five sticks, get a sixth for free, reducing the price to $166.67 per stick. Not satisfied? Return a stick you’re not happy with and it will be replaced until you are happy. This is very, very good medicine. I know of none better. You will be happy with this product.
NOTE: Traditional sapo practioners utilize tamishi vine to make the burns, and saliva to moisten the medicine. This makes the medicine very potent. Limit burns to 3 per person.
Kambo users: Traditionally utilizing very tiny burns and water to moisten the medicine, this medicine will be watered down/diluted. Still, please utilize sparingly until your client is familiar with this authentic product to avoid difficult situations.

Sapo/Kambo medicine is one of the great body detoxifiers. During the span of 15-20 grueling minutes the resin produced by the Phyllomedusa Bicolor frog, which has a habitat that spans much of Amazonia, can eliminate arterial plaque, clean the liver and kidneys and clear buildup on heart valves.

The result? More oxygen-rich blood flowing through your system, giving you more zest and temporarily fine tuning your eyesight, hearing, sense of smell and overall stamina.

Peter Gorman’s Sapo sticks come straight from the indigenous Matses. They are fresh, powerful, and each stick will provide a practitioner with enough material to inoculate a minimum of 10 people. These are simply the best, most potent Sapo/Kambo sticks available.

Cost: $240 per stick, plus shipping.

Orders of 5 or more will receive one bonus stick.
Orders of 10 will receive two bonus sticks
Non practitioners please Contact me for questions.


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