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Looking for a dozen intrepid seekers for each of the Jaunts. Looking for people who want to see and be in deep Amazon jungle; people who want to experience ayahuasca and the Matses’ medicines Sapo and Nu-nu in their natural settings; people who don’t mind dirt under their fingernails if they get it because they were walking in high canopy jungle or in a primordial swamp or collecting wild foods or even making clay pots.

I’m looking for people who want to collect the medicines they’ll use and watch their preparation, people who would rather participate than observe and be served. I want a small group of curious people, humans interested in their personal growth, in the spirit world, in the Northwest Amazon as it is today but may not be tomorrow.

I want people who see bathing in the beautiful Aucayacu river as an opportunity, not as a poor substitute for a hot shower; people who view the chance to eat a few local magic mushrooms while traveling overnight on a flat-bottomed river boat on the Amazon as a once in a lifetime thrill, and see night canoeing in dugouts while searching for medicine frogs a rare and wonderful opportunity. In other words, I want anyone who sees living as a bit of a risk but one worth taking.

And if you join, my team—which will outnumber the guests—and the medicines and the jungle and the rivers and I will all work our collective asses off to give you something you’ll hold onto for a very long time.

The medicines will astound you, the people will thrill you, the jungle will amaze you. So what are you waiting for? Drop me a line at or scroll down for more info, photos, and an idea of the trip itinerary and costs.

Trip Itinerary

In addition to the below, I'll try to have a interesting surprise or two up my sleeve: I've got some interesting friends, a couple of restaurants I think are pretty special and maybe an out-of-the-way shop or two that are worth visiting.

What's included:

All ground transport, all fees, all breakfasts, all food in the jungle, all pay for all staff, all hotels, riverboats, taxis, etc. I'll take care of all breakfasts, the first day's lunch and dinner in Iquitos. You take care of the other meals in Iquitos--though I'll steer you where to go and go with you.

I'll outfit all the jungle stuff, including jungle boots. You'll need repellent and a flashlight but if you forget those I'll have them. I'll also have towels and extra toothpaste and a good medical kit.

What's not Included:

You are responsible for your airfare, three meals in Iquitos, any alcohol you consume and walking around money. I've got the rest. Trip insurance is recommended.


Trip Cost

$2200 per person

Deposit: $600 per person 

Deposits are non-refundable.

Remainder of funds due 45 days prior to trip.

30 days prior to trip no funds refundable.


The itinerary below is pretty much how things will go. Of course, being in the Third World, and then in the Amazon, things sometimes take on their own life, so if some things get turned around or changed a bit because of a sudden work strike in the country, well, we take that in stride and do the best we can with it. We'll still get to everything promised.

A second thing that I can promise is that this is a trip full of magic, medicine, dirt under your fingernails, adventure and the possibility of life changing events. So if you are looking for a nice lodge, then this isn't the trip for you. If you are looking for a little soul-searching, soul- searing, and can deal with genuine wonder, then you probably ought to be on this trip.

Day 1-2

Basically, we get two days in Iquitos--during which my team and I take you out to some very interesting corners of that place, places gringos who live there probably have never seen--while at the same time getting you to begin shutting down your internal dialogue (the better to hear the plant medicine spirits), getting you acclimated physically and getting you outfitted with jungle boots and such. We might visit Julio's grave and my friend's animal rescue place; we'll definitely spend time in Belen, the largest market on the Amazon all the way to Manaus in Brazil, and really the heart of the heart of Peru's Amazon. And then we'll do some other things as well. But I don't' want to give up all my secrets, so wait till it's time.

Day 3

On Monday we take off on a huge flat-bottomed riverboat and head 212 kilometers up the Amazon. It's an overnight trip that will affect you fiercely: An Amazon sky overhead, the Amazon river at your feet; jungle towns and forest all around you, and if you like, a portion of local magic 'shrooms to make it all just a touch more intense. It's a beautiful night.

Day 4-9

On Tuesday, after a short layover and breakfast in Jenero Herrera, a river town, we head into the Aucayacu to my friend Juan's house. Juan is my late teacher Julio's son-in-law and his place, rustic (we bathe in the clean water of the river, not showers) is right next to where Julio's was. Juan's wife, Lady, runs our kitchen along with myself and a couple of other of Julio's kids and grandkids. The whole team, in fact, is made up of Julio's sons, daughters, grandkids and in-laws, all of whom grew up on the river where we're going. Our curandero is Julio's son Jairo. During our 6 days in the jungle we'll hike in first growth rainforest, walk in the most mysterious and fascinating swamp I know, swim in a lake populated with pink and gray river dolphins (who generally cooperate and come pretty close), go night canoeing, gather wild foods to add to our fantastic larder of fruits, vegetables, beans, rice and an occasional bit of chicken. We'll have two--three if pushed-- ayahuasca ceremonies (you'll help collect the vine with us), have the opportunity to do the magic mushrooms twice and also have a chance to try the Matses' medicines sapo and nü-nü, which my friend Pepe, a Matsés headman, will apply. During ceremony you'll be taken care of my myself and my fantastic team. We won't interfere but we will see to it that you get to the loo when you need to, don't wander off in the dark and so forth. When the time comes you'll appreciate it.

Day 10

We'll return to Iquitos early Monday, I'll treat you to a great breakfast and we're done. For those flying out that day, my team will get you to the airport. For those staying to decompress for a couple of days, we'll see that you get a good hotel. It's not like we're gonna dump you after breakfast or anything. In fact, the day we return from the jungle is generally a day I reserve to give a party to my team for having taken you in and gotten you out of the deep jungle, and you're welcome to join. My team will also be around to see that you know where the internet is, where to get your clothes washed, your photos printed, etc. This is a trip that will affect you deeply, one that will change you, and for the better. And even if you're already a shining star, it's a trip that will polish you up so that you shine even brighter.

Once I receive a deposit I will send out a list of things to bring. You are welcome to bring more; my team will handle the baggage, no sweat.

From outside the US, the deposit should be made via wire transfer or Paypal.

If paying by Paypal please add $15 to each deposit to cover the deduction Paypal makes.

The Trip is limited to 12 people. Double occupancy in the hotels in Iquitos.

Wanna Join? 
Contact Peter Gorman

Peter Gorman leads several 9 1⁄2 day jungle jaunts deep in the Peruvian Amazon annually. The trips focus on the spirituality of the Amazon river, her medicines, and her people.

We’ll have the chance to live like people on the river live, bathing in the glorious Aucayacu River, eating a custom diet that relies on a wonderful variety of fruits and vegetables and fresh beans daily (with a bit of chicken and fish available), and exploring the forest.

We’ll gather wild foods and medicines, hike in a fantastic, primordial swamp, walk in pristine high jungle, go night canoeing, and do a host of other things, all of which are intended to get you to open up to the medicines we’ll offer.

Those include the opportunity to drink ayahuasca twice (three times if you push me a little), to do the Matsés' medicines sapo and nü-nü, and in all likelihood have the opportunity to try the local magic ‘shrooms.

We’ll sweat, we’ll suffer a little, and we’ll have a fantastic time through it all. This is real jungle, after all, and nothing comes easy in the real jungle. But my team, which will outnumber the guests, will see that no harm comes to anyone.

More than that, my team will work to see that you return home with a much richer spirit for the experience.


If you would like to experience Peru and do it without actually living there, let Peter be your guide and fellow traveler. He not only guided us—there were eight on my trip—he was part of us. If you can imagine traveling at night in a small dugout canoe on the Amazon and not knowing where we were going or if we would make it... Peter knew where we were going and we did make it. It wasn't in the brochure and it wasn't planned. What a blast! What a memory! I went with an open mind and Peter shared his home, his Peru, Iquitos, and I have never forgotten that trip. And I will return.

Jim Johnson 
California Department of Highways 


A trip to Peru with Peter is not an ordinary tourist trip, not at all. You will see Peru through the eyes of those who live there, seeing the real heart of Peru. You will also, with the experiences that Peter can provide, come face to face with yourself. Are you ready? 

Maryanne Mac
Health Worker